How SOL Water Helped This Mom Get Her Kid Off Sugar

We’re thrilled! We just received a testimonial from a mother telling us about how SOL Water got her 7 year old son to drink more water instead of sugary drinks.

And here it is, in her own words...


“I can’t get my child to drink water for the life of me. We live in Colorado and have to constantly stay hydrated. He always opts for sugary drinks and when I ask for him to drink water, he asks for a Gatorade or Vitamin Water. When I ask him why he doesn’t like water, he says it has no taste.

Fast forward to him seeing me place my SOL Water bottle in the sun one day, he asked what I was doing. I explained the concept to him of revitalizing my water with the energy of the sun and the color blue. I then told him that it makes my body and mind feel good. He then asked if he could try my "spiritual" water (that's what he calls it) After trying it, he asked if I could make him his own water in a special blue bottle and I said of course.

From that point forward, my son only drinks SOL Water, but ONLY SOL Water because he believes it’s better for him. He also likes the taste.

And now he steals my SOL Water bottles!”



SOL Water’s unique purification process and smooth, subtly sweet taste has this kid begging for more water and kicking sugar to the curb!

But, what’s truly admirable is that this fascinating little guy noticed the big difference between SOL Water and regular water. He understands the benefits of harnessing mother nature’s energy and infusing it into your water for better health….. and after his taste test…..he’ll never go back.

And, you might find, that it does the same for you.

Give yourself and all the kiddos in your life the gift of extraordinary hydration.

Get your SOL Water bottles here.


With love,

Jacqui Long | SOL Water Team


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