Tap Into This To Get What You Want

Intuition. Oh yes. That sought after guidance and perhaps….the ultimate in understanding.

It may be challenging to define, but you know what it is.  We’ve all experienced that gut feeling or inner voice that wants to steer you in the right direction and alerts you to something you should be paying attention to.  It’s like your inner consultant, bursting with ideas, shaping your decisions, influencing your relationships, uncovering your passions, showcasing your creativity and guiding you down the numerous forks in the road on your life path.  When followed, it takes great care of you, leading to decisions with extraordinary results.

It’s also proven to shape some of the best ideas of all time.  As Steve Jobs said… “It’s More Powerful Than Intellect” .

Ideally, you’d just put it on autopilot and it would effortlessly tell you the perfect thing to do all the time and then you’d just sit back and reap the benefits of amazing insight.

That would be awesome.  

But, I think we could all agree…..that’s not how it works.  There’s like the equivalent of a mind goalie involved, made up of incessant thinking, emotions and countless distractions that block us from getting the message.  However, with a little effort and some simple techniques, you can get past the goalie and enjoy the insight that can change your life.

Here’s 3 tips on how to cultivate your intuition so you can get more of what you want:

  1. Drink SOL Water | SOL Water has a profound effect on a spiritual level due to the influence it has on your energy.  It’s like a cleaning tool, eradicating negative thoughts and emotions that block you from getting the right messages. That’s why it’s an integral part of the famous ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness called Ho’oponopono. You can learn more about this on our blog here or in Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits.

  2. Meditation | Meditation is the fast track to tapping your intuition as It puts you directly in touch with that inner wisdom. Studies show that it’ll help you cut the chatter, intelligently weigh your options and reach your best decisions. New to meditation? Here’s a great place to start.

  3. Listen To Your Body | Your thoughts create emotions that are stored in your body, therefore, intuition can show up as a physical sensation. You’ve likely experienced this as butterflies in the stomach or that gut feeling, pleasant or not. That’s a message. Tune into it. There’s great reward in becoming aware of these sensations as described in Eckhart Tolle’s world renowned book, The Power of Now.

And there you have it. 3 simple ways to becoming a cleaner conduit so you can hear what truly matters.  The lowest hanging fruit out of all of these is drinking SOL Water. It’s likely you’re already drinking water, so simply take your hydration game up a zillion notches with a SOL Water bottle.

Grab your gorgeous SOL Water bottle here.




Jacqui Long | SOL Water Team


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