How To Age Well

The trick is….

You have to beat stress. Period.

Aging includes your entire lifestyle...not just the way you look.  Stress can ruin you, negatively impacting every aspect of your life causing disease, premature aging, broken relationships, weight gain and poor decision making. No thanks.

There’s plenty of stress beating tactics such as exercise, meditation, breathing and belly ache laughter….all of which I highly recommend.  But, I’ll be honest. I like multi-taskers put on autopilot. Comprehensive solutions that don’t suck time, money or energy….because I’m not looking to add any more stress.

And that’s why I love drinking SOL Water.  SOL Water not only hydrates, but the energy levels in the water balance your body’s systems to prevent and fight stress, driving you back to the healthy zen zone. (Click here to learn more about how this works).  It’s also zero hassle. I’m already drinking water throughout the day and by simply using a SOL Water bottle, I get the incredible stress fighting benefits of sun purified water.

So, you can de-stress with SOL Water and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Weight Loss - Reduced stress equals less emotional eating and decreased cortisol levels, allowing you to shed pounds.  

  • Happiness - Smiles all around! Stress feels like the flu. When you knock it out, it’s almost as if you forgot how great you can actually feel. It’s exciting!

  • Deep Sleep - Stress interrupts your sleep patterns. Get rid of it and you’ll be knocked out for the whole night, waking up refreshed and energized. (SOL Water also helps with insomnia)

  • Longer Life - There’s so much to see and do!  Reduced stress promotes proper blood and oxygen flow throughout your body allowing you to live a longer, vibrant life.

  • Great relationships - You know what it’s like when it’s going good… really good. If you’re walking on eggshells waiting for the next blow up, your stress is likely pouring gasoline on the fire….and you’re probably not being yourself. Decrease the stress and start loving the time again.

And the list goes on. De-stressing helps with everything in your life.  Effortlessly start reducing stress with SOL Water today….and look good doing it! (the bottles are gorgeous)

Grab your SOL Water bottle here.




Jacqui Long | SOL Water Team


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