Just Breathe... Relieve Holiday Stress with SOL Water

The Holidays are here!  That means happy times, but it can also mean stressful times...

SOL Water is immensely beneficial in relieving stress, and that’s something we're celebrating this season.  Less stress in our lives allows us to be healthier and happier. The blue vibration of SOL Water provides a calming effect that can take the edge off of that sometimes brutal holiday anxiety.

The water purified by our SOL Water bottle helps to decrease blood pressure and heart rate.  Not only that, SOL Water makes you want to drink more water daily. Everyone needs more hydration in their life. This is a great thing no matter what time of year.

But here is something else we love.  And it starts with your breath.  

 SOL Water yoga

SOL Water and yoga is a collaboration we can't get enough of.  This winning combination helps to transform you from the inside out. Yoga is a great way to release stress, relax your system, build strength, improve balance, and reap many other amazing benefits.  But one of our favorite benefits has to be how it allows you to establish awareness of transformation and let go of whatever does not serve you.

With thoughts of gratitude and healing, here are a few poses that melt the stress away:


These simple poses can truly change your life and help to bring more clarity to your mind, body and soul.

Remember to Breathe, Just Breathe... Namaste.


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