Start Sleeping Like A Baby

If there’s one benefit of drinking SOL Water that’s running rampant throughout our office... it’s deeper sleep.

Our Co-Founder, Kael Robinson, notices the difference in her sleep quality immediately if she’s been thrown off her regular schedule of drinking SOL Water.  It’s the tossing and turning and the rude awakenings in the middle of the night leading to foggy mornings….all of which promptly stop once she starts drinking SOL Water again.  Then it’s back to deep, restorative sleep.  

I used to battle insomnia. It either took me hours to get to sleep or I’d magically knock out quickly, only to wake up a few hours later staring at the ceiling. Brutal.  I tried everything from supplements to mediation and couldn’t get it to stop.  And then I started drinking SOL Water, everyday, throughout the day. I now enjoy a higher quality of sleep that’s changed my life.  I get to sleep earlier, sleep soundly all night, and wake up feeling refreshed, energized, beautiful and creative.  I wish I would’ve known about this a long time ago. I would’ve saved a lot of time and money trying to cure my insomnia, when low and behold, all I had to do was drink SOL Water.

The cobalt blue color of a SOL Water bottle is the culprit in sending you off to your oasis of deep sleep. (See how Color Therapy works here )  Blue is shown to have a calming, cooling, restorative effect on the body and its systems. It promotes relaxation, serenity and comfort, all of which escort you to sleep and keep you there. .

By drinking SOL Water, you can experience the life changing benefits of high quality sleep including….


1. Effortless Weight Loss

Studies show that you can lose fat, maintain muscle mass and decrease your appetite by simply getting more sleep.  A sleep study at the University of Chicago found that dieters who were well rested lost 56% more fat than those who were sleep deprived, who also lost more muscle mass.  It was also shown that more sleep increases the production of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for keeping you full.

2. Improved Memory & Creativity

Need a breakthrough performance to get that promotion? Want to master a new language for your vacation? You’ll perform better with more sleep.  Research shows that during sleep, not only do you strengthen the memories of the skills you learned while you were awake, but your brain also reorganizes and restructures them which can stimulate creativity.

3. Clearer Thinking

Forgot where you put your car keys? Irritating. Quality sleep helps you bring your A Game with zero forgetfulness, fewer mistakes.. if any.. and superb decision making.

4. Better Sex Life  

Not in the mood? Too tired? You can fix that. Sex is an important part of your relationship and a profound way for you and your partner to express yourselves.

There’s plenty of research that suggests that better sleep can improve your sex life so you won’t miss out on the extraordinary.

5. Less Stress

Stress impacts your entire quality of life from your physical health to your relationships. Research shows a direct link between quality sleep and reduced stress. In fact, they’re practically one in the same.

And the list goes on.

Drinking SOL Water is an effective tool for better sleep which impacts all areas of your life.   

Grab your bottle today and be on your way to catching some quality Zzzzzs.

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With love,

Jacqui Long | SOL Water


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