4 Easy Steps That Free You From Your Past

Have you ever heard about the therapist who worked in the Hawaii state prison who cured an entire ward of criminally insane patients without ever seeing one of them?

He’d study the patient’s chart and then do the unthinkable... Look within himself to see how HE created the person’s illness and then do his own internal healing work to cure the patient.  And it worked.  After a few months patients with shackles were being allowed to walk freely, getting off their medications and being discharged.  Some might consider this a miracle.

The therapist’s name is Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D (Dr. Len)  and he was practicing an ancient Hawaiian healing process called Ho’oponopono.

Ho’oponopono is the profound spiritual practice of reconciliation and forgiveness offering complete freedom from your past.  It’s a gift, allowing you to develop a deeper relationship with the Divine (or whatever term suits you best)  asking that any errors in your thought, word and deed be cleansed.  This all sounds fantastic, but how does it work?

Well, this is the part where your jaw might drop... Ho’oponopono operates on the principle that you’re 100% responsible for your life and that the entire physical universe is an actualization of your thoughts.  

Oh boy.

There is no “out there”. That’s an illusion. Everything exists as thoughts in your mind and you’re connected to everything.  So, this means taking responsibility for everything that’s happening in the world, not just you. Now you’re thinking with all of humanity. Oneness, if you will.  Your toxic thoughts create a toxic reality while your positive thoughts can fill your life with love.  While I understand that this may be a tough pill to swallow, it’s actually very empowering.  You’re an extraordinary creator, in control of your life and directly influencing the world in which you live. So, you have the power to clean, clear and change your thoughts to create your desired outcomes.  When you practice Ho’oponopono, your connection to the Divine neutralizes painful thoughts. You don’t cure the person, place, or thing. You neutralize the energy associated with that person, place, or thing and that energy is then released.

You wipe the slate clean.

All you have to do is be aware of any problem areas, whether they’re physical, emotional or spiritual and apply the practice.  Ho’oponopono is a simple 4 step process, but there’s another integral ingredient used with it that’s directly responsible for getting results.

It’s drinking  SOL Water.

Dr. Len shared that for the sole purpose of cleansing memories, he drinks a gallon and a half of blue solar water a day  In addition, Dr. Len partnered with bestselling author, Dr. Joe Vitale, to create the popular book Zero Limits, which also speaks directly to the benefits of drinking blue solar water as part of the practice of Ho’oponopono to clear subconscious memories.

SOL Water has the power to remove recurring, problematic memories or programs that run in your subconscious, freeing you from their effects. These memories or programs are why you might experience limiting beliefs, fear or the same bad thing happening over and over again.  The energy in SOL Water fills you with love and can remove countless blocks that you’re not even aware of that could change your life forever!  So drink up! SOL Water offers proven, amazing spiritual benefits!

By drinking SOL Water and practicing the following 4 steps of  Ho’oponopono, you’ll be walking in a world of miracles.

Whenever an opportunity for healing presents itself in your life, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual, open up to it and say the following statements with as much feeling as possible:

1. I’m Sorry

Remember….you’re taking responsibility for everything. Even if it feels “out there”. Once this reality keeps sinking in, you’ll start to better understand your apologies.

2. Please Forgive Me

Simply ask for forgiveness. This is in conjunction with what you may be experiencing in step #1.

3. Thank You

An attitude of gratitude is incredibly powerful.

4. I Love You

The power of love is transformative.

And that’s it! Simple and incredibly effective.  So, grab your SOL Water bottle today!  Your ticket to freedom from your past.

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With love,

Jacqui Long | SOL Water