Get Your Glow On - 4 Easy Steps To Making Sun Purified Water

I’m blessed to have spent this past weekend in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains with some exceptional people.

Aside from experiencing the magical full moon, the vibrant display of fall colors and the amazing energy and conversation that come with extraordinary people…..I also couldn’t help but notice the SOL Water bottles that were placed around the house that followed us on all of our adventures.

They appeared in the window sills, outside on the edge of the hot tub and along for the hiking journeys. (They’re also like a modern piece of art. Great home decor. They look fantastic.)  It made me wonder if people actually know how easy it is to make and incorporate SOL Water into their lives.

This is important because SOL Water will make you look and feel awesome with things like…..

  • Clear, young, glowy skin

  • More love in your life

  • Increased creativity and breakthroughs

So, let’s talk about how to make this happen. SOL Water 101, if you will. 

Below are the simple steps to making and enjoying SOL Water :

  1. Buy a SOL Water bottle

    • Our cobalt blue glass is essential in infusing your water with therapeutic benefits.

    • We use plastic caps for all of our bottles - Don’t use metal.

  2. Fill your bottle with filtered or tap water

    • Filtered water would be your best choice, however, the sun’s energy provides extra purification, so tap water works great as well.

    • If using tap water, it’s a good idea to leave the bottles uncapped overnight to allow any chlorine to evaporate.

  3. Place your SOL Water bottle in direct sunlight for 1-12 hours

    • Research on the time varies here, but the longer you leave the bottle in direct sunlight, the more potent it gets. It won’t hurt you.

    • Show off your sexy SOL Water bottle and have fun with it! Solarize in window sills, outside areas, in your car, on your hike and on your walks. You want the sun’s rays to be hitting your bottle directly, so try to remove any barriers.

    • Once you’ve solarized your water, you can put your bottles in the refrigerator, but don’t freeze them.

  4. Drink SOL Water everyday

    • For a guaranteed glow, we recommend at least a gallon a day.

And that’s it!  A simple, effective, fun, stylish way to an even more beautiful you.

Now, let’s make you look even better….if that’s even possible.  Impress your family and friends with a taste test. Put SOL Water up against any other type of water and see how many compliments you get about its smooth, light and subtle sweet taste.

You’ll be the hero of the party.  Try it out for yourself and grab your SOL Water bottle today.

With love,


Jacqui Long | SOL Water

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