What Is Sun Purified Healing Water And Why Should You Drink It?

Who would have thought that a simple tweak to your water bottle could create a potent health elixir?

Turns out….we’re a little late to the party.

The ancient civilizations of India, China, Egypt and Greece have been using sun purified healing water for thousands of years as an integral part of a form of medicine called Color Therapy, or Chromotherapy.

Color Therapy is a medicinal practice where the energetic qualities of color are applied to the body for healing. 

Sun purified water, or SOL Water, is a healing water that uses blue glass purification to harness the energy of the sun and the therapeutic properties of the color blue to restore balance to the different organs and systems of the body.  This can have a profound impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual health.  The color blue is transformative, boasting a wide range of benefits including a heightened immune response, relief from insomnia, reduced stress and diminished anxiety.  It also carries a spiritual advantage, known for stimulating creativity, sharpening intuition, improving communication and aiding meditation.

So, how does all this work?

Through the science of energy.  Sunlight and color are different forms of energy, or electromagnetic radiation, just vibrating at different frequencies.  When the sun’s rays strike a SOL Water bottle, they activate the therapeutic qualities of the color blue and energize your water, which then becomes active in healing.  Science confirms the fact that the chemical, physical and biological properties of water change throughout this process, allowing it to hold and transport this new energy, serving as a vehicle for the absorption of the color throughout your body.

You’re also made up entirely of energy.  Every cell, organ, and system, down to every atom within you, exists as energy, each with its own vibrational frequency.  In addition, your entire body’s energetic levels correspond directly to the specific vibrational frequencies of the colors in the light spectrum.  So, you can change your body’s energy levels with the application of specific colors.   

When you drink SOL Water you absorb its blue, vibrational, healing energy which is then transported throughout your body, restoring the optimal energetic levels to specific organs and systems so you can realize greater health.  Therefore, a  SOL Water bottle is a proven, simple, tool for applying color therapy to the body.

It’s also easy to use.

Let’s be honest. Everyone is busy. The “set it and forget it” tactic we apply to our everyday amenities is invaluable.  Well, the same holds true for drinking SOL Water. You don’t have to go out of your way to reap the benefits of advanced hydration.

Simply set your bottle in direct sunlight for at least 1-12 hours and drink from it throughout the day, every day, and overtime you’ll experience results. (Also, we agree with the 8, 8 oz glasses a day rule.)

It’s like putting better health on auto pilot. Easy.

But, we’re not done yet.  You get to make an impact.

1% of your SOL Water bottle  purchase will be donated to our charitable giving partners, including Water For People, to help bring clean drinking water to third world countries and impoverished societies throughout the world.  In addition, you’ll be known for your intelligent, eco-friendly lifestyle. SOL Water bottles are made from 100% recycled cobalt blue glass, so you’re promoting sustainability while helping to reduce the terrible plastic waste problem on the planet.

And last, but definitely not least…..the bottles are stunning. Be prepared to turn heads.  So, get your SOL Water bottle today. You’ll enjoy it in more ways than one and get to change people’s lives in the process.

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Welcome to the SOL Water experience.  Enjoy the journey.


With love,


Jacqui Long | SOL Water  


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