How Color Therapy Works & Why You’ll Love It.

You respond to color…. you know that.  It affects how you feel, what you buy and how you live.  

But why?

Because colors have a profound impact on you at all levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  How is this possible?

Because it’s a well known scientific fact that you’re composed entirely of energy that corresponds directly to the vibrational frequencies of the colors in the light spectrum.  

Energies can influence energies. Like when you feel amazing and then walk into a room of debbie downers….you’ll likely feel different.  Color Therapy operates under the same concept.  Color Therapy, or Chromotherapy, is a form of alternative medicine where the specific energetic vibrations of color are applied to the specific energetic vibrations of your body’s organs and systems to elicit a vibrational change that can restore optimal energy for greater health.  So yes, we’re literally talking about good vibrations.

The scientific evolution of Color Therapy is well documented throughout history.

It can be traced back thousands of years to the Ayurvedic medicinal practices of India and the healing techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  The Egyptians were known to have built sunrooms fitted with different colored panes of glass in order to flood themselves with color.  And Greek history documents different colored garments, oils and ointments being used to treat disease.  These ancient civilizations got results, operating on their faith of the healing powers of sunlight and color.  But this wasn’t magic. It was just that the science hadn’t caught up to them yet.

And then humanity evolved….. and along came the science.

Einstein's renowned theory of relativity opened the door for numerous technological advances, including Color Therapy.  It shows us that matter and energy are one, just vibrating at different frequencies.  Slow vibrations show up as physical matter, like parts of your body, whereas faster vibrations come as light and color.  Einstein’s research led to the realization that we do exist in a variety of energy fields, in and outside of our bodies, that form complex relationships with each other.  

Therefore, everything is connected and if you influence these energetic relationships, you can improve your health.  Continued research on Color Therapy, which also became known as Vibrational Healing, then showed that it was one of the best ways to apply  energetic vibrations directly to the body to restore health.  Color therapy has since been researched, studied and practiced by numerous scientists and alternative medical professionals for centuries.

According to the doctrine of Color Therapy, the human body comes into existence from colors.

All atoms, cells, organs and systems have their own unique vibrational frequency which harmonizes with the specific vibrations of color.  For example, your endocrine system is comprised of seven different nerve centers, also known as chakras. The vibrational qualities of the color blue resonate with your thyroid gland, or throat chakra.  The blue vibrational energy obtained from drinking  SOL Water can rebalance this nerve center, causing the endocrine glands to secrete hormones which affect your bodily functions, personality and states of consciousness.

So, you can take charge of your health by simply drinking SOL Water. (Which is delicious by the way. Smooth, with a subtle sweetness)

It’s preventative medicine at its finest.

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With love,


Jacqui Long | SOL Water


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